Step 3. Retrieve Information.

Idea Rover retrieves outline-structured research notes automatically.*

To retrieve notes, click the Retrieve Information tab:

Step 3. Creating results

Reference style – MLA/APA style to use for current retrieval.

Note length – length of notes in characters.

Build label – a label to identify a current build.

Then, click on the Start Build button.

Step 3. Creating results

* For instance:

  • Your sample outline entry: "0101 Constitutional guarantees";
  • The system reduces words from your outline to their base form: "constitutional" to "constitut" and "guarantees" to "guarant";
  • Your results: "Facilitation of access to electronically handled information, as well as of the production, exchange and diffusion thereof constitutes an obligation of the State, always in observance of the guarantees of articles 9, 9A and 19. (Banisar, 2006, p. 79)".

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